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Microsoft Offices (Bouchard 710, piso 4), Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 15, 2018 9:00am PST

Brujo @ DevDayAR

On December 15th, Brujo Benavides, one of our Senior Engineers from the RTB-Team will be giving a talk at DevDayAR.

The Conference

What happens when all the dev communities decide to join efforts? And what if we all get together in the same spot to share what we know and show what we love and what inspires us?

That’s DevDayAR!

It’s an event where you can spend a whole day in a different way, sharing the space to debate and learn with others. You can be a rookie or an expert. The only requisite is for all to contribute to a fruitful experience, allowing us to get to know each other, debate and create an environment in which members of all communities can get the best of it.

The Talk

Brujo’s talk will be more or less the story of his life. He’ll talk about how and why he transitioned from Developer to Architect to CTO and why he decided to go back to Development after that… twice!! He’ll give a more or less biased perspective of what’s good, bad and ugly about each role. What he enjoyed, what he hated and what you can learn from each.

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