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Brujo Benavides organizes 'Soft Around the Globe'

Planet Earth
June 20, 2018 6:00am PDT

Soft Around the Globe

Brujo Benavides, one of the Senior Software Engineers in our RTB Team, working remotely from Buenos Aires (Argentina), is organizing a remote-friendly conference that you can attend from anywhere in the world for free.

As he describes in his blog, Soft Around the Globe is a brand new conference that will be held 100% online.

The conference will start at 1 PM UTC on Wed, June 20th and it will be broadcasted on YouTube.

Soft Around the Globe is a space for sharing experiences and insights related to the craft of building software.

The diversity of programming languages and topics is encouraged; we are interested in exploring general patterns that can be helpful across language barriers.

Registration is open at the official website


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