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Unsung Heroes of the Beam at the next Erlang & Elixir meetup in SF

Carbon 5, 585 Howard St, Fl 2, San Francisco
April 18, 2018 18:30


Did you miss the talk Unsung Heroes of the Beam in the Code Beam SF? You still can watch it at the next Erlang & Elixir meetup in San Francisco. There will be three talks along with food and drinks.


6:30 Doors open, Dinner

7:00 Garrett Heinlen - Let’s Chat - Ruby and Elixir. An exploration of cross language communication

Do you want to learn about Redis? Do you want to learn about background jobs? Maybe you’re familiar with both. Maybe you’ve heard of Elixir and want to know more. Maybe you’re already an Elixir pro and want to introduce it into your organization. This talk aims to cover all the above, and if you’re lucky… maybe some jokes.

7:30 Miriam Pena - Unsung Heroes of the BEAM

There are women –rarely known– who have had a massive impact in the Erlang & Elixir community. We wouldn’t even be here in this meetup if it wasn’t for some of them. Their achievements and stories are known only in small circles because often their protagonists have been humble and discreet.

But these heroines have done and are still doing amazing things for our community. It is high time we gave them the recognition they deserve and celebrate their contributions together. Who knows? Maybe this talk will plant the seed of the next generation of Erlang & Elixir role models.

8:00 - 8:30 Bryan Hughes - LPWAN and Cellular IoT Explained - How to Connect Devices in the Wild

In this talk, Brian will explain the differences between Low Power Wide Area Networks and Cellular IoT, and how to use them when deploying a real-world IoT solution in the wild, whether it is for remote wind and solar farms, rail, smart power poles, or real-time asset tracking for supply chain.

8:30 - 9:00 - More chatting with nice folks


Garrett Heinlen is an enthusiastic polyglot developer, actively seeking to be ballin’. He enjoys long talks on the internet and his perfect evening is coding with the ones he loves.

Miriam Pena has over 10 years of experience in scalable, high performance, high concurrency, and high availability systems. She is a Staff Engineer at AdRoll in San Francisco, designing critical parts of their Real-Time Bidding infrastructure. Prior to AdRoll, she provided Erlang specialized consultancy and earned her M.S. in Computer Science from La Coruña University in Spain. Voted one of the women to watch in 2018 by Women 2.0 here:

Bryan Hughes is an innovative and creative thinker with over 30 years of engineering experience building successful, massively scalable and fault tolerant Enterprise Industrial and Internet class systems. He is the founder and CTO of GOFACTORY, acquired by Space Time Insight in 2016. Their Erlang team delivers innovative, advanced analytics applications and industrial IoT solutions for asset-intensive industries across utilities, transportation, and manufacturing companies. Prior to GOFACTORY, Mr Hughes co-founded Predictive Medical Technologies, developing revolutionary ICU Surveillance and predictive analytics for early warning of adverse events.

More information and tickets on the meetup page.

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