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Quaff that potion: saving $millions with Elixir and Erlang

We slashed our DynamoDB costs by over 75% using Kinesis, DynamoDB streams, and Erlang/OTP (and now Elixir) to implement a global cache warming system. We present that system and two new open-source libraries for processing Kinesis and DynamoDB streams in a similar way using Elixir and Erlang.

Written By
Mike Watters

How to Run a Front-End Infrastructure Team

Over the past years, we have put a lot of work into building a solid infrastructure for UI development. In this post, we talk about the human aspects of collaborative front-end projects.

Written By
Jyri Tuulos

TrailDB 0.6 Released

Almost a year since the original release, we are happy to announce the next major release of TrailDB, 0.6, which is packed with exciting new features.

Written By
Ville Tuulos

trck: querying discrete time series with state machines

We’re open sourcing trck – a state machine-based query language for TrailDB

Written By
Oleg Avdeev

Thompson Sampling and Bayesian Factorization Machines

We explore ideas from Thompson sampling, Bayesian Logistic Regression, and Bayesian Factorization Machines. These techniques allow our machine learning systems to efficiently navigate the explore/exploit tradeoff in sequential decision making.

Written By
Constantin Berzan

Querying Data in Amazon S3 Directly with User-Space Page Fault Handling

By leveraging a cool new feature in the Linux kernel, you can query data stored in Amazon S3 directly and get results faster.

Written By
Ville Tuulos

How to Create a Style Guide: Start with a UI Framework

This blog post is the first in a series that chronicles the style guide’s journey, from its creation, to providing a mature UI framework for our teams, and eventually distilling a unique voice and tone for our products.

Written By
Arya Srinivasan

Netflix and The Art of Product Evolution

As we craft our next-generation product philosophy, AdRoll often leverages learnings from peers we admire. In this post, we explore a product framework inspired by Netflix. This framework includes five lessons: innovate incrementally, understand your customers, reallocate resources asymmetrically, respond fast to hiccups, and recognize that your product superpower is your people.

Written By
Anjali Vaidya

AdRoll and Diversity in Tech: A Q&A with Truc Nguyen and Jessica Grist

When it comes to increasing diversity in tech, AdRoll doesn’t have all the answers, but people are investing in potential solutions and having open conversations.

Written By
Truc Nguyen and Jessica Grist

Announcing TrailDB - An Efficient Library for Storing and Processing Event Data

Today, we are open-sourcing TrailDB, a core library powering AdRoll. TrailDB makes it fast and fun to handle event data.

Written By
Ville Tuulos

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